• November 30, 2022
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    Contact Elected Officials!
  • Shutdown = Informational Pickets Info
    Posted On: Oct 03, 2013

    We need to keep the pressure on our elected officials. There are many ways to do that, calling / emailing / posting on their Facebook page / tweet them etc…

    All these are good as congress is only hearing from us in most cases. We need to get the public on our side and help us contact congress, But how?

    Well I think I have a plan….All ACT Chapters should hold “informational Pickets” at busy intersections and popular shopping / food centers in their cities, holding up signs saying something like “I would rather be working for the American Taxpayer – Help us get back to work, call congress and tell them to stop the shutdown” etc…

    You must check with the local police to make sure they satisfy any permits needed to do the pickets and be sure to take their ACT signs & wear ACT Hats too…this would keep the public aware, bring the local impact to the local public and get the local public making calls to congress too.

    Make sure no one wears the uniform if they do this…

    See ACT's Legal Guidance below on the above Informational Pickets....

    Here are the legal points.

    1. As Terry says, don't wear the military uniform while picketing.

    2. As Terry says, contact local police about the need for a permit and get one if one is required. Abide by the terms of any permit. If sound amplification (a bull horn) may be used, get permission or information on any restrictions.

    3. Stay on public property intended for pedestrian use--like public sidewalks and pedestrian areas or ways in public city, county, or state parks. Stay out of the street--don't go into the street to talk to people in cars. Shopping malls and centers, including their interior sidewalks (but not the sidewalks ringing the outside of the mall or center, next to the public street) normally are not public property. So stay out of shopping centers or malls and their interior sidewalks unless, of course, the management of the center or mall grants permission (as they sometimes do to, say, the Salvation Army in December).

    4. Do not block the sidewalk or any entrance to a building or alley. Also, though not legally required, it would be a good idea to pick locations that are not near a business entrance, to avoid creating the impression, from afar, that you are picketing against a business. If a business thinks people are mistakenly being deterred from entering the business we will lose good will.

    5. Speech and signs: Urging that people call Congress to put federal employees back to work is fine. But do not criticize agency management or military policy or practice. For example, do not criticize the agency's furlough exemption decisions by saying that the agency has exempted the wrong people. Do not criticize the agency decision to exempt AGRs but not technicians. However, until DoD has made a final decision whether to interpret HR 3210 to fund Guard technicians, it's OK to urge people to call their congressional representatives to ask them to join Buck McKeon in asking DoD to interpret HR 3210 broadly to fund Guard people. (If DoD makes a final decision not to so interpret HR 3210, though, then our message should not criticize that decision, but switch to urging Congress to change the law or take other action to put Guard technicians back to work.)
    Do not urge people driving by to honk horns in support. Car horns are not supposed to be used for such purposes and soliciting people to misuse car horns is a legally questionable practice--so avoid it.

    Any other ideas or suggestion? Thanks & Keep The Faith, Terry

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